Welcome to Scottsdale Cigars

Let's face it. Without the proper setting and trappings, a great cigar is just another cigar.

That's why we're dedicated to providing you with the top selection of premium hand-rolled cigars and cigar accessories in a comfortable retreat without all the hassles. It all started with our quest for the perfect in-house cigar options. Today, our three fully-stocked humidors feature all the premium cigar brands in your favorite vitolas, plus the special releases and hard-to-get labels you appreciate. When that's not sufficient, we're always happy to stock one of your special requests if we don't already carry it.

Not just flashy gear for cigar geeks

Our inspired selection of cigars demands the perfect complement of accessory options.

We deliver with a complete collection of essential gear in our showroom including lighters, cutters, humidors, ashtrays, pipes, pipe tocacco and beyond.

Of course you could stuff your cigars into a tupperware container and call it a humidor, but we've got some smart and stylish gear designed to really help you get the most from your cigar passion.

Xikar, Craftsmans Bench, Savoy, Cuban Crafters, S.T. DuPont... you'll find it all here and more, plus the variety, great prices, impeccable craftsmanship and guaranteed reliablility you're looking for.

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And Much More!

Relax and Unwind

Discover Scottsdale Cigars, a friendly sanctuary for cigar lovers from beginners to seasoned aficionados

When you visit Scottsdale Cigars, you're always welcome in our cigar lounge. It's a big extended family room of sorts, outfitted for easy comfort and peppered with various characters that seem like... well, family. On any given day you're as likely to enjoy a good smoke with Johnny Lunchbucket as you are with a celebrity, pro sports figure, and CEO. Whatever the lounge mix, you'll find nothing but cigar compadres here.

Our Cigar Culture

We decided from the outset that we weren't going to take ourselves that seriously. Maybe that's why it's so easy for us to treat all our customers like V.I.P.'s. Besides, how could our "hassle-free" cigar experience include exclusive club rooms and pricey fees?

No, we'd rather you just made yourself at home in our big, comfy smoking retreat. There's plenty of space to relax, join a friendly conversation, catch your favorite sports or news on Direct TV, or simply chill out in your own zone. Whatever your style, it's absolutely complimentary and we look forward to seeing you soon.


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